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Two Peas In A Pod

Oh, to blog again. August has come and gone, and I didn’t realize that I hadn’t written in a while. I spent two weeks helping my daughter pack up and move back to California. We are best friends. We spend a lot of time together; we go on trips, we end each other’s sentences, we look the alike, there are too many similarities to explain. We are like “two peas in a pod.”

This intrigued my interest as to how peas are cultivated.  What I found out is there is little care associated with growing peas. Peas grow inside pea pods and two peas in the same pod are very similar. They are the same color, size and taste and are close together. When you are growing peas, the seed needs to be protected. Birds love to steal pea seeds. Peas must be supported while they grow, the need a wire netting or upright twigs to cling to. Once pea plants start to flower, they must be watered thoroughly once a week to encourage good po development. Most importantly, do not over-feed the peas.  Peas are the first plants to be planted in the spring and are fairly resistant. They are the ultimate garden companion plant and are actually beneficial to non-pea or bean plants. A single pea plant is its own family tree. During its four to six-month life span, all stages of the peas’ lifecycle grow together at the same time, producing by the bushel.  Wow, all that in four to six months.


I carried her in my womb for what seemed like 10 months. I fed her, nourished her and brought her into this world. A beautiful, healthy 8.5 lb. baby girl ready to take on the world. I protected her, supported her, nurtured her, taught her, disciplined her, loved her and provided her the best life possible. As she grew, I never knew that our lives would become so connected; best friends

When I look at her, I see me. I am proud of the women she has become. I am proud of the path she has chosen and in knowing I had something to do with it. I am grateful for her serving and giving heart and her unconditional love for family and friends.  I’m grateful for her strength, her brilliance, her intelligence and her willingness to go after her dreams. She is beautiful inside and out. There is a lot of me in her. When people see us, they call us twins; two peas in a pod! What makes me proudest is that she is her individualized self. I see me and I see her. Remember a single pea plant is its own family tree!

I’ll admit that being a single mother can be tough, you don’t know how your “peas” will grow. Like planting pea seeds in a garden, there will be times when things don’t grow as expected and it will be a teachable moment. You learn from it, make the necessary changes and start from there. You had your pea in the pod for 9 months and gave birth to someone amazing. Now, you have the opportunity to continue to help them grow, by being that “companion plant” that nourishes them, supports them, and loves them for the rest of your life.

Yes, this move was good for both of us. I will now have all my children in one state. I love watching how my garden flourishes every day and now I don’t have to do it from afar.

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